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Home Furnishings Association
Driving Excellence: Exploring Tailored Employee Performance Reviews

As business owners and managers, we understand the importance of consistently driving excellence within our organizations. After all, our success depends on the performance and contributions of our employees. One powerful tool that can help us achieve this goal is the employee performance review process. However, traditional, one-size-fits-all performance reviews

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Home Furnishings Association
Nurturing Leadership: A Guide to Preventing Manager Burnout

In today’s retail landscape, where demands are constantly increasing and productivity is key, the role of a manager has become more crucial than ever. Often seen as the backbone of an organization, managers bear the responsibility of driving their teams toward success and ensuring that the business thrives in an

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Home Furnishings Association
The Basics of Effective Employee Management

Effective employee management is essential for any business, as managing employees effectively can lead to better productivity, higher job satisfaction, and a positive organizational culture. HR managers and business owners should take the time to understand the basics of effective employee management to ensure they can lead their employees toward

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4 Effective Hiring Attributes Successful Companies Possess

We here at Mosswood bring decades of expertise in business operations, recruitment, and HR, serving as providers and insiders to companies of all sizes and various industries. Our extensive experience has identified four effective hiring attributes that lead to hiring success and employee retention. Discover the secrets of companies that

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Home Furnishings Association
Modernizing Your Recruitment Process: Retailer Perspectives

Is your company struggling to attract and retain top talent? You’re not alone.  The job market has undergone significant changes in recent years. The Home Furnishings Association (HFA) spoke with Carl Nyberg, Vice President/C.O.O., HOM Furniture, Max Klaben, AVP, Talent Management of Morris Furniture Co, Inc., and Seth Busby, Talent

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Mosswood Your Recruitment and Staffing Partner

Mosswood is excited to be the newest Solution Partner at the Home Furnishings Association (HFA). As a privately owned business, we specialize in recruitment and staffing services for companies across various industries. We are part of a dynamic group that collaborates to provide clients with various resources and expertise. Mosswood

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Home Furnishings Association
Stay Competitive by Embracing Employee Diversity

It has been projected that somewhere between the years 2045-2050, the USA will no longer have a majority race. This demographic shift is due to several factors, including birth rates by race, the increase in multi-racial people, immigration patterns, etc. In addition, the expectations and attitudes of consumers and employees

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Learn How to Build an Impactful CSR Program for Your Business

I began building a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program five years ago at Riskified. What began as an opportunity to give back to the communities where our employees live, and work has grown into a robust program recently rebranded as Riskified Cares. This blog will outline the many positive impacts

Sticky note gride of people with the Employee Retention in the middle.
Home Furnishings Association
6 Strategies for Improving Employee Retention

Employee retention is a critical challenge for home furnishings retailers. You rely on the skills and knowledge of your employees to provide quality customer service, maintain strong relationships with suppliers, and stay on top of industry trends. However, high turnover rates can disrupt operations, lead to declining customer satisfaction, and

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Tracy Jackson, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HFA Chief HR Strategist
Maximize Employee Potential- Strength Assessment Tools

In the home furnishing industry, customers want to be seen and treated as unique individuals during their furniture buying experience. The same is true for your employees. They want to know that you are invested in their career, given opportunities to develop and sharpen their skills, and appreciated for their

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