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Mosswood is excited to be the newest Solution Partner at the Home Furnishings Association (HFA). As a privately owned business, we specialize in recruitment and staffing services for companies across various industries. We are part of a dynamic group that collaborates to provide clients with various resources and expertise. Mosswood now looks forward to helping HFA members with their human resources needs.

When Are We Helpful?

Facing challenges in recruitment and staffing? Looking for solutions? Let’s dive into a common problem and explore how we can help.

Are you short-staffed and need people ASAP? Mosswood can immediately start searching for candidates and quickly bring you potential candidates.

Do you need help hiring staff (any positions including sales, warehouse, admin, accounting, IT desktop, call center)? Mosswood can Provide services of different types and levels to create an effective hiring process for the positions you need to fill – quicker and more effectively.

Are your managers busy and don’t have the time needed to hire people, and/or are you hiring, and the decision-making process is slow? Mosswood can set up a search that defines the process, responsibilities, and timelines and optimizes management time.

Are you posting jobs but not getting good, qualified applicants, and/or they drop out? Mosswood can review your current hiring process and identify how we can help get better results.

Are you struggling to find people who can succeed in your positions, and/or recent hires have not worked out? Mosswood can identify the skills, experiences, and attributes of high-performing people in those jobs – and apply the skills to a search for the right people.

Do you have high employee turnover, and/or new hires don’t stay long enough to be effective? Mosswood can help you identify the main issues and help you address them and/or develop a high-volume hiring process if turnover is typical in the position.

Do you need to improve the quality of supervisors or managers, or do the ones you have need training and development? Mosswood can conduct an evaluation of the current team and provide ways to develop incumbents and hire new leaders if required.

Do you need to start doing (or get a more effective provider of) background and drug screens for new hires? Mosswood can arrange background and drug screens -whether or not the new hire is through us.

Why Choose Mosswood?

As you hear on some airlines when landing at your destination, “We understand you have a choice of providers.   So what makes us different?   We believe three major attributes define the quality of our services:

  1. The depth and breadth of experience of our managers, partners, and team members – we’re “not just recruiters.”
  2. Hands-on involvement and commitment from the start to the very end of every hire
  3. Flexibility of services, scale, and schedule

Let’s expand on those.

Mosswood are “Not Just Recruiters”

Manager and Partner Experience

Mosswood and its partners are seasoned business managers – for example, they have held positions that include:

  • District Sales Manager (retail and in-home design)
  • Transportation Director
  • Vice President of Commercial Finance
  • VP of Operations
  • VP of Recruitment & HR
  • Training Director

Diversity of Client Type, Culture and Size

Our team has worked in each of the above Industries and has worked inside companies that include 3 Day Blinds, Ryder, GE, Safety Kleen, and LSG (Lufthansa) Sky Chefs, and hired or consulted to clients as diverse as The LA Country Museum of Art, Disney and JB Hunt.  This gives us respect and understanding of how businesses see and deal with organizational challenges and opportunities, and most of all, that ‘one size does NOT fit all.’

Hands-on Involvement and Commitment

While they provide as little or as much as needed to ensure efficiencies and cost management, their ability to orchestrate the entire recruiting experience for our clients enables us to do that efficiently – By knowing how to do the end-to-end (from job definitions through the new hire’s first day on the job and even follow-ups), we can be sure that even if we only provide a service subset, it will be as effective as it can be and fit into our client’s internal processes.   And whatever service(s) we provide, we are involved, present, and available to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

Importantly, we know that our reputation is as good as the last placement we make for a client – we want to be sure that we have happy clients and happy new hires – people who succeed and thrive in their new positions.


We provide flexibility in three aspects (three S’s):

  1. Service: We provide what you need, a “Menu-Based” approach – as much or as little as you need based on your objectives, organization, and budget.
  2. Scale: We can serve companies of all sizes – from thousands of employees to small businesses and partnerships. 2 below shows how we work with any internal recruiting and related department/staff a client may already have.
  3. Schedule: We can switch our services on and off, whether due to business conditions, uptowns or downturns, or seasonal fluctuations.

Mosswood Services Available To You

Hiring Preparation – We can provide Market pay and compensation, organization summaries, job definitions and job descriptions, and job market outreach plans for you.

Candidate Identification –  We can provide passive and active candidate outreach and verification of interest and basic suitability, and submission of resumes.

Candidate Screening– We can provide screening interviews to establish next-level suitability and match to job requirements, location viability, and compensation.

Interview Scheduling – Mosswood provides scheduling of interviews and interview arrangements, plus any assessments or other steps in the selection process.

Offer Negotiations– Mosswood provides verbal offers to candidates to avoid the negative impact of back-and-forth dealing in this final key phase.

Background, References  & Drug Screening– Mosswood provides as required; background and reference checks and drug screens are arranged as required (details below).

Post-Hire Support Tools – Mosswood provides provision of optional assessment, training, and performance management tools to ramp up performance

No Matter the Scale Of Need

Our comprehensive solution can assist businesses of all sizes, from small companies without internal recruiters to those with a dedicated recruiting team. We offer a flexible and affordable “menu-driven” approach and a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs. We will fill any resource gaps with the necessary expertise if you require assistance with specific issues, opportunities, time periods, or seasonal demands. Moreover, we seamlessly integrate with your existing corporate resources and can provide additional or specialized help as needed.

As an HFA member, you will receive:

  1. Free Access to recruiting consultant for basic hiring and related questions
  2. Free Recruitment needs phone advice/consultations
  3. Free Job Description development (2 per year)
  4. Free Market Pay and Compensation Analysis (2 per year)
  5. Free Access to select insight articles and tools
  6. A dedicated HFA Member Account Manager
  7. 25% Discount on a fee for the first position hired
  8. Discount of 7.5% on invoiced fees

Background Checks, References, and Drug Screens – What’s Available?

  • Multi-State Criminal Database Search
  • County Criminal Court Search
  • Statewide Criminal Search
  • Federal Criminal Search
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Database Search
  • Multi-State Department of Correction Database Search
  • Former Last Names
  • Employment Credit Report
  • Motor Vehicle Record
  • Education Verification
  • References, Professional
  • References, Personal
  • 5 Panel Drug Screen
  • DOT Drug Screen

 Mosswood is the answer to help HFA members with recruitment, business decisions, and achieving their goals. Our unique “Menu-Based” approach efficiently solves problems and provides personalized solutions. Our team of professionals has decades of experience in many fields, giving us the edge needed to maximize results in every project we take on. We take pride in helping our customers grow and thrive. So why wait? Get a quote today from Mosswood and experience firsthand our level of expertise and commitment to success with recruitment and other areas. With our help, you can reach your goals faster than ever before – closer to success than ever before.


Mosswood is a privately owned business which specializes in providing recruitment and staffing services to companies of all kinds. With offices in Toronto, Dallas, and Calgary, they are a team of expert professionals, with resources and expertise to help you find top-quality talent at any level. Their customizable solutions and strategic guidance ensure that your hiring process is efficient and successful.

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