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  • Automating Fulfillment Increase Customer Experience

    The pace of change experienced in the furniture retail sector over the past few years has been unprecedented, driven by shifting consumer behavior and spending patterns. This has seen rates of customer loyalty decline, with consumers more empowered, flexible, and diverse when it comes to where and how they shop. Retailers should focus of a […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: Equip Sales Associates to Serve Omnichannel Shoppers

    Laura Khoury, CEO of Shoptelligence, explores 3 tips to improve the customer experience by training your sales associates to use digital tools to reach omnichannel shoppers.

  • How to Develop an Employee Loyalty Program

    Successful companies in the home furnishing industry have many commonalities. These companies understand the value of creating loyalty with their customers and employees. No matter the budget, any developed employee loyalty program must be well-thought-out, visible, and encourage the desired behaviors.    Where to start with an Employee Loyalty Program When it comes to employees, […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: Maximizing Sales Associate Output

    Rob Ball, Trainer for HFA Sales Academy, covers the top 3 tips to help your sales associates maximize their output.

  • Benefit packages that appeal to different generations

    Employers in the furniture industry must now reconcile that standard benefit packages are no longer the only expectation of workers. Attracting and retaining employees requires benefits to appeal across a multi-generational workforce.    Benefit packages for four generations  It is incredible to realize that there are currently four generations in the workplace, ranging from the […]

  • Managing High Performing Sales Teams

    To be successful, a sales manager needs to have a clear understanding of the four basic elements of sales management: planning, coordination, controlling, and motivation. Our webinar panelists will detail these elements and explore the overall role of a sales manager and what it takes to plan the appropriate goals, develop processes for the right […]

  • CeXperentia

    CeXperentia takes insights directly from your customers so you can run your business the way you expect it to run while improving sales, delighting customers, and keeping a happy staff. Solicited feedback, online reviews, chat logs, clickstream data, and operational measures all come together in your Medallia Experience Cloud. By sending surveys to your customers, […]

  • Synchrony Insights on Generational Demographics

    In this webinar, Sheila Dreyer Van Buskirk with Synchrony will build on its’ monthly consumer sentiment study to share a more future-focused look at the macro forces affecting consumers and the marketplace, including such topics as shifting consumer values, the climate economy, the social commerce revolution and the role and importance of payment products in […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: How Clienteling Brings Repeat Business

    Paul Yoachum, VP of Marketing at Clientbook, will explain five simple steps for how “clienteling” can help you bring in repeat business.

  • Rewards of Cultivating Potential Sales

    Cultivating potential sales could be the difference between financial stability and increasing expenses. That’s why it’s important to have a proper process to build the relationship with opportunities coming in your door. A POTENTIAL SALE is not yet a SALE. Even though she has not bought, she is a shopper interested in purchasing from you […]

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