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  • Influencer Marketing Can Grow Your Business

    Influencer marketing isn’t as difficult as you think. An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of their authority, knowledge, and position through their relationship with an audience. Who are your business’s influencers? They can be your passionate employees, satisfied customers, local designers, and celebrities – virtually […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: Building a Leadership Team

    Joe Cudall, Partner and Senior Consultant with LeadShift offers you the building blocks to help create a solid leadership team for your business in this HFA Quick Click Solutions video. LeadShift helps build enlightened leaders and resilient teams for better performance to build the organizations they envision. Discover more leadership and management resources here.

  • Rethinking Tariffs

    It’s hard to believe it’s been four years since a series of tariffs were imposed on China by the Trump Administration. This so-called trade war was started primarily to address the trade imbalance between the U.S. and China. There were several tariffs imposed over the summer of 2018 in four stages. Many of them included […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: Geo-Framing vs. Geo-Fencing

    Jamie Gaston, VP of Client Services with Esquire Advertising outlines the core differences between Geo-Framing and Geo-Fencing and shows you how to find more of your target customer through your digital marketing in this HFA Quick Click Solutions video. CLICK HERE for more digital marketing resources from HFA.

  • HFA @ Las Vegas Market

    The Home Furnishings Association’s Resource Center is located at #B1050 and is always filled with opportunities to learn how to grow your business. Meet with our Solution Partners who are experts in their field to help solve your pain points, attend our association events and network with like-minded peers, and enjoy a variety of seminars […]

  • One in the Win Column: Ocean Shipping Reform Act

    Often when we talk about our government relations action team (GRAT) and our advocacy efforts, it is always about works in progress. We focus on those issues that are at hand, and that need a resolution of some sort. Finally, we have the chance to discuss something we worked on that passed in both houses […]

  • Top 5 skills for effective leadership development

    When designing a leadership development program, it is essential to consider leaders’ specific challenges in your current environment. Your program should start by equipping leaders with the skills, tools, and behaviors they need to confidently lead others and drive the performance of their team or organization. Here are five skills to include in a comprehensive […]

  • Embrace your authenticity

    Embrace your authenticity and do what you do best. On a recent trip to California, I had the opportunity to make a few store visits. While both are top 100 retailers, I learned some clear lessons that adapt to retailers of any size. Let me start by telling you what stores I visited. RC Willey […]

  • Compensation Best Practices for Furniture Retailers

    Organizations must create a strong compensation structure to attract talent and keep employees engaged. Prospective and current employees want to feel confident that the pay practices are fair, equitable, and transparent. The furnishings and appliances industry tends to attract a very competitive group. Here are some best practices you should consider when creating a compensation […]

  • Demand Planning with Inflation Impacts Retailers

    Demand Planning with Unprecedented Inflation and Economic Headwinds The dirty “I” word has reared its ugly head. According to, The US Inflation rate hit a new 40-year high in May 2022. This new era of inflationary pressure brings with it a depression of consumer confidence that poses significant implications for demand planners, especially those […]

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