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  • Quick Click Solutions: Driving Traffic in a Slow Economy

    Don’t stop advertising. Eric Grindley with Esquire Advertising shows you how to drive traffic in a slowing economy.

  • Driving Traffic in a Slow Economy

    Don’t let the current economic downturn stop your business from succeeding. Join Eric Grindly of Esquire Advertising and furniture retail industry marketing expert Scott Perry as they share their marketing insights on how to stay afloat during tough times driving retail traffic. Learn the tactics you can use to keep traffic coming in and stay […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: The Benefits of Having a Wellness Plan

    Tracy Jackson, HFA HR Strategist, discusses a great way to invest in your employees and the benefits of implementing a wellness program for your organization.

  • Create an Internship Program to Attract Talent

    Most people outside of the home furnishing industry have a distorted view of the fantastic and vast career options that exist within the industry. Exposure to opportunities and career potential can improve the desirability and availability of talent. One way to increase the pool of viable candidates is to create internship program.  It is essential […]

  • Quick Click Solutions: Handling Difficult Conversations

    It’s not easy having difficult conversations at work. Tracy Jackson, HFA HR Strategist will help prepare you for these conversations.

  • HFA Thanks Departing Board Members

    When I started at HFA, the first picture I saw of David Gunn he was wearing a western shirt and a cowboy hat. This bigger-than-life Texan had an intimidating appearance. When I met him, however, I realized his heart was bigger than life—the heart he has for the home furnishings industry and HFA and its […]

  • Find Prospective Employees with Digital Marketing

    Long ago, you did not have to look far to find prospective employees for your organization. Even better, great employees referred friends and family and helped build a family atmosphere for many small businesses. Then 2020 came, and, like a nuclear bomb, everything that we knew and did to gain and retain employees no longer […]

  • Tips for Your Website’s Careers Page

    If your website is like your digital showroom, your Careers Page is like the digital version of your lobby and conference room. We all know in business the importance of making a great first impression on our customers – so why don’t we apply these same principles to potential employees and applicants? Especially when they’re […]

  • Using Social Media to Attract Talent

    Today, HR professionals in every industry are looking for creative and effective options to get their message in front of their target audience. Most organizations in the home furnishing industry still use the traditional methods of job boards and company websites, which still have a place. Now it’s time to consider some unconventional ways like […]

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