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Esquire Advertising
Geo-Framing vs. Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing and Geo-framing are both forms of digital advertising targeting customers based on their locations. Although both have similar names, they are miles apart in their approach to attracting and engaging a targeted consumer. Geo-fencing The standard Geo-fence allows you to put a pin on a building and create an

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Robert Bell
Start slowly in digital marketing and build your way up, retailers say

Furniture retailers have spent most of the pandemic working to increase their online presence and generate more business and open new sources of revenue. But how much should a retailer be investing in digital marketing to begin with?  David Enos, vice president of digital marketing for Phelps Digital, an HFA Solution Partner, and two

Digital Marketing
Robert Bell
Conquest Digital caters a marketing program to your company’s needs 

In a way, digital marketing is a lot like buying furniture for the home. That new sofa, loveseat and end tables might complete the den in one house, but two blocks away those pieces might fail miserably.   “It’s the same with digital marketing,” says Melanie Mandros, director of sales for Conquest Digital Solutions, a Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner.

Phelps Digital
Robert Bell
Phelps Digital guide can help retailers boost their SEM game

Furniture retailers know the power of paid search in getting their brand in front of people, but executing and monitoring a successful SEM campaign can be time-consuming and fraught with potential mistakes. Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner Phelps Digital can help. The company’s recently released guide, “Top 5 SEM Best

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Cate Gallagher
It’s time to focus on digital

A lot has changed rapidly in the past six-plus months and left many retailers feeling unsure about what to do to keep momentum for their businesses. The answer is actually quite simple – focus on digital! According to the Global Web Index, ​social media usage in the U.S. has increased

Are your shoppers engaged?
Kristy Esch
Are Your Shoppers Engaged?

Investing in technology for your website can increase your brick-and-mortar sales Afraid to invest in new technology? To stay relevant, it’s vital for furniture stores to choose a tech solution with proven ROI to improve the online shopping experience and attract new furniture customers. More than 40 percent of furniture

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