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Government Building
Chris Andresen
Incoming Biden Administration Economic Team

President-Elect Joe Biden and his incoming Administration are inheriting an economy decimated by COVID-19. Throughout the campaign and following Election Day, Biden and his closest advisors highlight controlling the coronavirus as their absolute top priority. As retailers, we have witnessed the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 from widespread closures

economic stimulus
Mark Schumacher
What another round of stimulus dollars means for furniture retailers

As the end of 2020 rapidly approaches, Congress has several significant pieces of legislation to address before adjourning for the year, including federal government funding, national defense policy, and most critical to Home Furnishings Association members, additional COVID-19 relief. HFA has consistently advocated and urged Congress to pass further business

“Most customers just understand it as another recycling fee, so there’s no arguing about it,” Dan Pedersen of Al’s Furniture in Fresno, Calif., says.
Home Furnishings Association
HFA members turn recycling obligation into opportunity

[This story first appeared in the September 2019 Government Update from the association.] As Kevin Matthews sees it, California’s mattress recycling program adds a little more to the cost of doing business in a high-cost state. It increases the workload, according to Dan Pedersen. Yet, both try to manage the

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Congress and the Trump administration are preparing another Covid-19 relief package. The Home Furnishings Association’s Washington representative, Chris Andresen, and government relations liaison Doug Clark

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Everyone is trying to figure out what the “new normal” will look like when your stores reopen. What will recovery look like to you and