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Jonathan Schulman
Advantages of Investing in your Sales Training Process

As a manufacturer representative, I’ve had the privilege of speaking to furniture owners nationwide. On one particular visit, there was an enlightening exchange about the sales training process – it became clear that this storeowner needed to understand how best to position their business for success through effective strategy and

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HFA Sales Academy
Sales is a Great Career

My grandmother had a fantastic career in furniture. She was my mentor and my leader. She had a 30-year career in Sales with Haverty’s Furniture in Florida and taught me everything I knew about sales. My grandmother had a fantastic career in furniture. She retired and moved to Georgia to

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HFA Sales Academy
The importance of Investing in Sales Training

Stores need to have an edge over the competition. A strong sales team can mean all the difference in keeping your customers happy and coming back for more, so you must find ways of making them successful at what they do best! A salesperson’s confidence, communication skills, and product knowledge

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