Profit Grows by Taking Care of Customers and Employees
Jonathan Schulman
Profits Grows By Taking Care of Customers and Employees

I don’t know what the heck happened, but the garbage guys forgot to pick up my green can full of lawn clippings and mulchables from our curb on Tuesday. When I called to complain, they apologized and said a truck would be back before 6:00. I was stunned—service from a

Your Data is the Secret to Winning at Retail_HFA blog image
Your Data is the Secret to Winning at Retail

Business decisions must be based on data to win in retail. Your business data can make you a better leader, marketer, buyer, salesperson, decision maker, and problem solver. You miss opportunities to better understand your strengths and weaknesses by overlooking this vital tool. This oversight can lead to costly and

How to grow while maintaining margins_HFA blog image
Profitability Consulting Group
How to Grow While Maintaining Margins

Submitted by Taylor Ganz, Profitability Consulting Group When John Egger founded our company, he christened it “Profitability Consulting Group“ (PCG) for a reason. While we believe and preach sustainable sales growth, growth without profit and positive cash flow can be disastrous for your profit margins. And this was what we

add on sales increase your profitabiity_HFA blog
Home Furnishings Association
Add-on sales can increase your profitability

As you are looking to improve your profit margins, you should look beyond your core products. Selling add-on products or upselling often proves profitable, yet many retail salespeople fail to take advantage of it. Add-on sales help retailers sell a more comprehensive range of products beyond the initial purchase the

Profit Margins_HFA blog
Profitability Consulting Group
Managing Profit Margins on the Retail Roller Coaster

Submitted by Taylor Ganz, Profitability Consulting Group These past two years have been particularly challenging for the home furnishings industry. Retailers have worked too hard during the last two years to raise profit margins to where they should have been and where they need to be. If you are like

Is your inventory properly insured_HFA blog image
Arthur J. Gallagher
Is your inventory properly insured?

A retail business’ success relies on the stock it can carry. To make a profit, you must sell products; as you can’t sell what you don’t have, maintaining a sizeable inventory is imperative. With so much capital invested, insuring your inventory is vital for retailers. At any given time, displayed

7 Tips to Improve Cash Flow_HFA blog
Home Furnishings Association
7 Tips to Improve Cash Flow

A fluid cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. Especially as we see an economic downturn approach, it will be more critical to ensure you are continuously improving your cash flow situation. Here are some actions you can take to generate more cash in your home furnishings retail business.

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