January 2019

Worth the fight
Mary Wynn Ryan
Worth the Fight

As profitable as mattresses are to your store, shouldn’t you fight back against online mattress retailers? Here’s how to differentiate yourself in 2019. Competition from online mattresses — especially the boxed, foam models — has furniture retailers losing sleep. As they do with other products, consumers are willing to buy a mattress

Woman holding a sign that says "hiring."
Rob Starr
Wanted: Good Employees

Here’s how to make the right hires in tight job markets How important is it to make the right hire in your furniture store? You already know the answer to that one. But how do you make the right hire? Ah, that’s the real question. A Glassdoor survey reports that

web savvy and unhappy
Robert Lopez
Beware the unhappy, web savvy customer

Protecting your store’s reputation is a 24-hour job. Negative reviews — whether merited or not — can turn away potential customers and reflect badly on your brand. Retailers have long subscribed to the notion that the customer is king. But in the digital realm, the customer really does wield a great deal of power. A

Son also rises
Robert Bell
The Son Also Rises

Jesús Capó is making his presence felt at El Dorado Furniture. Just like his father. How Manuel Capó escaped from Cuba to America is a story that needs no embellishing. A sunken sailboat dragged from the ocean floor, painfully refurbished over three years using other salvaged items. Finally, one inky-black night

Lights, Camera, Sell
Robert Bell
Lights! Camera! Sell! Learn from Disney.

What can Disney teach us about customer experience? Later this month my wife and I are taking the kids to Disney World. If you’re keeping score, this will be our third trip in nine years. Here I should note that my daughter Kate is 15, my son Riley is 18,

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