Feb-Mar 2017

Topgolf in Dallas
Home Furnishings Association
HFA members tee up learning at Topgolf event

For years golf and business have gone hand in hand. There’s something about two people getting to know one another on a golf course. After all, you’re only hitting the ball for small amount of time for the four hours you’re on a course. You might as well talk about

The six musts
Ron Martin
6 Musts to Making a Sale

The more “musts” you can muster, the better your chance at converting browsers into buyers. I’m often asked, “How can you spot good customers?” My answer always is, “They’re the ones who come into your store.” People do not go into stores that sell things they don’t need, don’t want

Bored business woman
Rieva Lesonsky
Slow day at the store?

Here are 8 ways to put you in the fast lane with customers This can be a tough time for home furnishings retailers. Folks are still paying off their holiday bills and spring can sometimes bring fickle weather. Bad weather in most of the country (even in Southern California where

Hockey stick and puck
Jonathan Schulman
There’s more to sales than selling

Just because someone can sell a sofa doesn’t mean they’re right for your team. I used to play hockey on Saturday nights in an adult league with a bunch of great guys. It was awesome! One summer, a few of us took time off to take vacations, attend markets, etc.

Tom Brady and Winston Churchill
Wayne Rivers
Tom Brady, the Patriots, Winston Churchill

…and what it takes to be a winner Remember this year’s Super Bowl? Remember how it only took the New England Patriots 20 minutes to transform themselves from the most hated professional football team to comeback darlings and heroes for the ages? Midway through the third quarter, with the Atlanta

Dictionary definition of Core Competency
Jeff Giagnocavo
Stop Outsourcing Your Core Competencies

Own your service and customer relationships As we ease into 2017’s second quarter, I want to give you something important to think about and, more importantly, consider your own retail business and how you can improve it. In my retail business, Gardner’s Mattress & More, we have a company culture

Illustration of data and graphs
Robert Bell
Let Data Mold Your New Business Model

Home furnishings retailers can use insights about their customer base gleaned from consumer data to help their stores change and evolve their business models. At the National Retail Federation’s Big Show earlier this year, leading retail executives and analysts implored retailers across industries to take advantage of the information at

Front of the Boston Interiors store
Home Furnishings Association
Boston Interiors to open store in New Hampshire

Longtime HFA member Boston Interiors is taking its act on the road. Store officials have announced the company is expanding and will be opening its first store outside of Massachusetts this summer in Bedford, New Hampshire this year. Boston Interiors opened its first store in 1979, and added six more

The Sofa Store logo on their building
Martin Roberts
What makes a good store logo? – Part 5

The Sofa Store: To stand out, keep it simple. Good branding communicates what you stand for as a business. That branding can be communicated verbally or visually. Retail designer Martin Roberts’ series on logo design’s he’s helped recreate for home furnishings retailers ends this week with The Sofa Store in

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HFA working on your behalf

These are unprecedented times for everyone, and specifically our industry. The customer journey is a bumpy one, thanks to COVID,

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HFA logo with headphones

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