President Biden talking about the American Jobs Plan
Chris Andresen
American Jobs Plan could help the furniture industry

March saw the American Rescue Plan’s passage, designed to accelerate vaccine development and administration, stabilize state/local governments, extend federal unemployment insurance benefits, and provide additional direct payments to individuals and families. Following the Rescue Plan, the Biden Administration and Democrat congressional leaders have turned their attention to a broad, $2.2+

Government Building
Chris Andresen
Incoming Biden Administration Economic Team

President-Elect Joe Biden and his incoming Administration are inheriting an economy decimated by COVID-19. Throughout the campaign and following Election Day, Biden and his closest advisors highlight controlling the coronavirus as their absolute top priority. As retailers, we have witnessed the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 from widespread closures

Image shows container ships and cranes
Doug Clark
HFA seeks action to clear costly bottleneck at ports

The Home Furnishings Association and other industry groups have asked the Federal Maritime Commission to suspend unreasonable detention and demurrage charges on containers and chassis at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. Worsening delays and inefficiencies at the Southern California ports are knotting an already constricted supply chain and

Image gives an autumn view of the U.S. Capitol
Doug Clark
After elections, HFA’s advocacy work continues

A new president may take office Jan. 20, but the Home Furnishings Association must continue to project a consistent voice for important industry issues. That was one message delivered by the association’s CEO, Mark Schumacher, and lobbyist Chris Andresen in an HFA Live webinar as votes were still being counted

2020 Webinar_5-14
Doug Clark
Congressmen aim to help retailers avoid ADA website lawsuits

A bipartisan bill in Congress addresses a problem that has cost many Home Furnishings Association members thousands of dollars. It’s called the Online Accessibility Act. If it becomes law, it would bar plaintiffs from filing legal actions before businesses had time to fix website deficiencies and government agencies could seek

Image shows a man standing in a furniture store
Doug Clark
Liability protection battle waged in states and Congress

Liability protection from COVID-related claims was easily won in Alabama. Gov. Kay Ivey granted it for businesses in an executive order she signed in May. “I want to do everything within my authority to protect businesses as Alabama’s economy gets up and running again,” Ivey said then. “As we resume

Image shows two men wearing face coverings
Doug Clark
Relationships with politicians help your business

When Joseph P. Kennedy III visited Simon’s Furniture Mattresses Appliances in Franklin, Mass., recently, he might have been the most adept politician in the place. But Jared Simon is sharpening his skills, too. Kennedy is practicing the family craft. A fourth-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives, he’s now

Image shows the U.S. Capitol
Doug Clark
Urge Congress to act now

As Congress and the administration debate the details of a new coronavirus recovery bill, Home Furnishings Association members must make their voices heard. They must tell senators and representatives to support provisions that will help their businesses overcome the challenges that COVID-19 still presents. The HFA urges them to ask

photo shows a man in an office making a phone call
Doug Clark
HFA asks for clarity on rules for business calls

A law meant to protect the public from unwanted telephone calls could block furniture retailers from reminding customers about a delivery or some other service. It is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a nearly 30-year-old law that has been updated by the Federal Communications Commission. Unfortunately, the current definition of

Rick Howard
Home Furnishings Association
HFA government advocacy update: Florida retailers want tax fairness

Featured Story | Political Update | Retailer News Watch | State Reports HFA members in Florida want tax fairness Home Furnishings Association members in Florida are still looking for tax fairness. Florida is one of only two sales-tax states – the other is Missouri – that doesn’t require remote online vendors

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