November 2017

Scissors cutting a price tag
Brandin Wilkinson
What to do when your competition undercuts your price?

Smile, but don’t lower your price. Instead, raise your value. I sell cars for a living, but truth be told, there are a lot of similar strategies between selling cars and selling furniture. There’s no marketing skill required to advertise a sofa and loveseat for a shade over cost to

Photo of Rogers City Home Furnishings
Robert Bell
Lessons from dad

Edward Bruski taught his son a lot about running a family business. Those lessons and Larry Bruski’s determination have made Rogers City Home Furnishings the success it is. Larry Bruski was 24 and in the furniture business barely two years, but he was already in trouble. It was 1976 and

Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres continue to make an imprint on the upholstery scene. But is there more to the furniture than a name?
Home Furnishings Association
License to thrill

What do luxury consumers want in upholstery? It helps if you have a name behind it. Pull up a chair. Comfort, customization and cachet. These are the watch-words in better-end upholstered furniture with any number of runway-inspired looks turning heads at the Fall 2017 High Point Market. Trend-watchers strolling through

Marketing Plan
Bob Phibbs
Got 60 minutes? Let’s build a marketing plan

Without one you’ll never know who your target customer is —or how to reach them. You’ve been running your furniture store for years now and you’re confident you know who your customer is and, just as important, how to reach them. At least you think you know. Ask yourself this

5 ways stock art is killing your brand
Home Furnishings Association
5 ways stock art is killing your brand

Your brand should be like a fingerprint – completely unique and associated with your business only. Everything about your brand, from your business name to your logo to your web design, should support and communicate your brand’s unique identity. So why on earth would you consider using stock art or

Measuring Performace
David McMahon
Performance Metrics

Getting Your Numbers Right Improvement in your furniture store starts with two things: Awareness and desire. The awareness of how you’re performing against standards allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. It’s through the measurement against these standards, or metrics, that you can find gaps. Knowing your gaps and

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