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Profitability Consulting Group
How to Grow While Maintaining Margins

Submitted by Taylor Ganz, Profitability Consulting Group When John Egger founded our company, he christened it “Profitability Consulting Group“ (PCG) for a reason. While we believe and preach sustainable sales growth, growth without profit and positive cash flow can be disastrous for your profit margins. And this was what we

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Jonathan Schulman
Focus on Your Existing Customers

As a marketer and ad manager focused on hooking that shiny new customer, I didn’t consider my existing customers. I was so enthralled with developing effective creative collateral, making clever ad buys, and planning the calendar out so it would coincide with the merchandise I was bringing that I lost

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Arthur J. Gallagher
Is your inventory properly insured?

A retail business’ success relies on the stock it can carry. To make a profit, you must sell products; as you can’t sell what you don’t have, maintaining a sizeable inventory is imperative. With so much capital invested, insuring your inventory is vital for retailers. At any given time, displayed

Four steps to improve operational service inefficiencies_HFA-Service Technologies
Service Technologies, Inc.
Four steps to improve operational service inefficiencies

Finding ways to add to your bottom line can be a challenge for those who experience service and operational inefficiencies. Below are four simple best practices that may improve and streamline some of those challenges. 1. Employ sound repair services options Instead of returning a product, customers are most likely

Demand planning and inflation blog_6-2022
Home Furnishings Association
Demand Planning with Inflation Impacts Retailers

Demand Planning with Unprecedented Inflation and Economic Headwinds The dirty “I” word has reared its ugly head. According to usinflationcalculator.com, The US Inflation rate hit a new 40-year high in May 2022. This new era of inflationary pressure brings with it a depression of consumer confidence that poses significant implications

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Profit Chain
How to plan inventory levels in today’s environment

Congratulations! You have managed through a period of economic upheaval not seen in generations. Over the last two years, the global economy has experienced unprecedented supply and demand disruptions. Unfortunately, the global supply chain’s existing risks will persist in the near term. For the first time in their living memory,

4 tips to Improve operational efficiencies_HFA blog
Service Technologies, Inc.
Four tips to Improve operational efficiencies

Finding ways to add to your bottom line can be a challenge for those who experience operational inefficiencies. Four simple best practices that could improve and streamline some of those challenges and improve your operational efficiencies are outlined below. Employ sound repair services options Instead of returning a product, customers

Make Inventory Control Your competitive advantage_HFA blog
Make Inventory Control Your Competitive Advantage with 4 NEW Advanced Tips!

Inventory management is at the top of every retailer’s mind. It is the foundation of your business and a dynamically moving target, especially in today’s world. Yet, inventory control can become your competitive advantage when your business has inventory fundamentals in place. Tracking inventory across your supply chain and providing

Managing Supply Chain Risk in Times of Uncertainty_HFA blog
Profit Chain
Managing Supply Chain Risk in Times of Uncertainty

Robert Kennedy proclaimed in a speech many years ago, “There is a Chinese curse which says, ‘May he live in interesting times.’ ” As current events continue to unfold, it would seem as though we are living in increasingly interesting times. Recent announcements by many auto manufacturers that production lines

Managing inventory takes commitment_IHFRA_HFA blog5-2022
Jonathan Schulman
Managing inventory takes commitment

I have a favorite saying by the immortal Matt Ross. Matt had a ton of Mattisms that I loved to parrot back to him and anyone else who would or was paid to listen to me. Matt became a north star to me when he joined our team after a

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Geo-Framing vs. Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing and Geo-framing are both forms of digital advertising targeting customers based on their locations. Although both have similar names,

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