Biden Executive Orders
Chris Andresen
Biden’s Plan for economic recovery

Early Agenda for President Biden Following his inauguration on January 20th, President Biden has signed several dozen executive orders to bolster the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic response and accelerate economic recovery. Many of these actions are supported by broad stakeholder groups that share the urgency of confronting and ending the spread

Congressional Update
Chris Andresen
Congressional Update: COVID relief, flammability, and Vietnam

Congress ends 2020 with a COVID-19 relief package, a ruling on furniture flammability, and an update on the Section 301 Vietnam investigation. The end of the calendar year is always a busy time in Congress as leaders work to enact priorities before breaking for the holidays. The recent end of

Stimulus Package
Chris Andresen
Congress Acts on Additional COVID-19 Relief

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, HFA, through direct member engagement, has strongly advocated for additional fiscal relief for businesses struggling to survive. After months of negotiations, Congress and the Administration have agreed to include additional COVID-19 stimulus to the annual federal government funding legislation, creating a massive $2.3 trillion spending package.

economic stimulus
Mark Schumacher
What another round of stimulus dollars means for furniture retailers

As the end of 2020 rapidly approaches, Congress has several significant pieces of legislation to address before adjourning for the year, including federal government funding, national defense policy, and most critical to Home Furnishings Association members, additional COVID-19 relief. HFA has consistently advocated and urged Congress to pass further business

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