Tax spelled out_A corporate tax rate hike will impact furniture retailers_HFA
Mark Schumacher
A corporate tax rate hike will impact furniture retailers

Sometimes a simple answer can turn out to be the most complex. There are times when a seemingly easy solution ends up complicating matters. That truly is the case right now in the conversation about raising the corporate tax rate as a way of paying for much of the stimulus

Biden political priorities
Chris Andresen
Political Priorities for 2021 will be Ambitious

The events from the week of January 4th, 2021, will significantly impact the political priorities for 2021. By winning two Senate runoffs in Georgia, Democrats are preparing to control a 50-50 Senate now that President Joe Biden has been sworn into office with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking

Image shows a woman working at a computer screen and a message urging a no vote on Prop 15
Doug Clark
California retailers must stop ‘largest tax increase’

The impact of Proposition 15 on the California ballot is clear to Howard Haimsohn. “It’s a tax increase aimed right at small businesses,” the owner of Home Furnishings Association member Lawrance Furniture in San Diego said. If approved by voters in November, the measure would change how commercial and industrial

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