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Conquest Digital Solutions
Tips for Your Website’s Careers Page

If your website is like your digital showroom, your Careers Page is like the digital version of your lobby and conference room. We all know in business the importance of making a great first impression on our customers – so why don’t we apply these same principles to potential employees

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Home Furnishings Association
Why Hire to Fit Your Store Culture

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their culture and how it informs each decision made. An emphasis should be placed on hiring new employees based on skillsets and cultural fit if you want to keep your company’s vision and mission intact. Hiring those who demonstrate both hard

Employee Referral Program_HFA blog
Home Furnishings Association
What an Employee Referral Program Can Do for Your Business

Research shows that the current job market is 90% candidate-driven. To that effect, you don’t pick talent anymore. Talent picks you; therefore, creating an employee referral program can improve your talent acquisition as an HR administrator or acquisition specialist. What is an Employee Referral Program, and why does it matter?

Job applicant asleep_Hiring challenges don’t mean lowering your standards_HFA
David Gunn
Hiring challenges don’t mean lowering your standards

Today’s hiring challenges What would you say is your biggest challenge in 2021? Up until recently, I think most of us would have said it was the broken supply chain. But for many of us, that has changed to the hiring challenges of finding and keeping quality employees. No, scratch

Tepperman's Furniture opened this "pop-up store" to recruit employees.
Robert Bell
This pop-up didn’t sell a single thing. It was a huge success.

Two months after its opening, the Tepperman’s Furniture pop-up store in an Ancaster, Ontario, mall closed without selling a single appliance or piece of furniture. Andrew Tepperman is delighted with the pop-up’s success. That’s because the pop-up, filled with 35,000 square feet of product, was never created to sell furniture.

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