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Home Furnishings Association
Stay Competitive by Embracing Employee Diversity

It has been projected that somewhere between the years 2045-2050, the USA will no longer have a majority race. This demographic shift is due to several factors, including birth rates by race, the increase in multi-racial people, immigration patterns, etc. In addition, the expectations and attitudes of consumers and employees

Profit Margins_HFA blog
Profitability Consulting Group
Managing Profit Margins on the Retail Roller Coaster

Submitted by Taylor Ganz, Profitability Consulting Group These past two years have been particularly challenging for the home furnishings industry. Retailers have worked too hard during the last two years to raise profit margins to where they should have been and where they need to be. If you are like

IHFRA Cool and Calm is a Leadership Skill_blog image
Jonathan Schulman
Cool and Calm is a Leadership Skill

They say that public speaking is the #1 fear of most people, but I’ll submit that as a business leader who is required to speak to a team or large group, it’s just something that you need to deal with effectively. Here are some observations to help you develop your

The Value of Mentorship for Developing Leaders_blog-image
Home Furnishings Association
The Value of Mentorship for Developing Leaders

As a young business leader, investing in your development is essential. Leadership development involves more than just acquiring new skills; it also requires a commitment to continuous learning. One way to develop the skills needed to be an effective leader is by finding a mentor who can provide guidance and

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Home Furnishings Association
Quick Click Solutions: Building a Leadership Team

Joe Cudall, Partner and Senior Consultant with LeadShift offers you the building blocks to help create a solid leadership team for your business in this HFA Quick Click Solutions video. LeadShift helps build enlightened leaders and resilient teams for better performance to build the organizations they envision. Discover more leadership

Top 5 skills for effective leadership development_HFA blog
Home Furnishings Association
Top 5 skills for effective leadership development

When designing a leadership development program, it is essential to consider leaders’ specific challenges in your current environment. Your program should start by equipping leaders with the skills, tools, and behaviors they need to confidently lead others and drive the performance of their team or organization. Here are five skills

HFA BLOG Improve your Company Culture with the 3 Cs of Culture
Improve your Company Culture with the 3 Cs of Culture

Most organizations have a clearly defined set of Core Values, a Mission Statement, and a Vision. Your company culture is determined by how well your daily actions match those ideas. Here are the “three Cs of Culture” and executable ideas to improve your company culture today. Whether your organization could

HFA-QCS_How to Make Company Culture Your Competitive Advantage
Home Furnishings Association
Quick Click Solutions: How to Make Company Culture Your Competitive Advantage

Vince Mendez, Senior Vice President of Training & Development for ProtectAll, offers essential things to consider to help your company culture give you the competitive edge you need to compete in the marketplace in this HFA Quick Click Solutions video. CLICK HERE for more leadership and management resources from HFA.

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Home Furnishings Association
Characteristics of an Engaged Leader

An engaged leader facilitates, strengthens, connects, and inspires employees to increase their work engagement. Having engaged employees means they are happy and productive employees, and today’s leaders need to have the skills to foster engagement. HFA spoke with Lorri Kelley, owner of Lorri Kelley Advisors and a home furnishing industry

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