May 2019

Photo of Sam Zavary
Robert Bell
‘This business is bigger than you’

Sam Zavary learned the furniture business on his own. But life’s biggest lesson came from his father. It’s a lesson he’s still learning. “Start from the beginning,” someone says. “Tell me about your father.”A smile fills Sam Zavary’s face. He takes a deep breath and releases it slowly. “I can

Environmental footprint
Susan Inglis
Reducing your store’s environmental footprint can increase its profits

Many people assume doing the right thing will be expensive. That’s a myth we at the Sustainable Furnishings Council love to dispell. The fact is that best practices for sustainability – for ensuring a healthy future – will save you money immediately and in the long term. Doing more to encourage

Warehouse is not your attic
David McMahon
Your warehouse IS NOT your attic

It’s a temporary storage facility for your merchandise. With the right space and procedures in place, your warehouse can add value to your furniture store. When it comes to warehouses, I’ve seen them all. I’ve seen the pristine, state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities. I’ve also seen the chopped-up back rooms that remind

Image of a clock
Wayne Rivers
Time is Money

Are you using yours effectively? Or are you sweeping floors? Every family business is unique unto itself. But while there are no two that are alike, that doesn’t mean there are not similarities. When I meet with a family business – whether it‘s a construction company or a furniture store

What makes millennials tick?

And how can retailers convert them into customers? Home furnishings retailers are looking for new ways to attract and acquire the Millennial shopper. Most Millennials are educated consumers because they use the technology in their hands (the internet and social media) to learn more about products and services before they

Mike Williams
Bigger can be better

When it comes to selling and shipping bulky furniture, your store’s e-commerce side can out-Amazon Amazon. E-commerce is on the rise – and with nearly eight in 10 Americans now shopping online, this growth shows no signs of stopping. Amazon has set the new standard of delivery, led by its

Surviving the Recession
Robert Bell
Surviving the Next Recession

Reasonable heads assure us an economic slowdown is coming. Is your store ready? These are heady times for Artis Furniture, a family run furniture store in Urbandale, Iowa. Pick a metric – any metric – and it will only reinforce that thought. Store traffic and close ratios are up. That

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