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Mark Schumacher
Voice of a Furniture Retailer

I always remind myself and other people that I am not a furniture retailer. I do have retail in my background, but I don’t own a furniture store. As CEO of the Home Furnishings Association, my job is to serve members and always advocate for them and their businesses. My

Exclusive Furniture is the latest HFA member to join Furniture Today’s Top 100 list. The 2019 rankings, released last week, include the Houston-based store at No. 98.
Home Furnishings Association
HFA members’ acquisitions pay off in sales – and FT’s Top 100 list

A slew of acquisitions helped a pair of Home Furnishings Association members make the biggest jumps among furniture stores in Furniture Today’s Top 100 list for 2019. Furniture Today’s rankings are based on a company’s estimated annual sales. With an estimated $169.8 million in sales last year, FFO Home jumped

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