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4 tips to Improve operational efficiencies_HFA blog
Service Technologies, Inc.
Four tips to Improve operational efficiencies

Finding ways to add to your bottom line can be a challenge for those who experience operational inefficiencies. Four simple best practices that could improve and streamline some of those challenges and improve your operational efficiencies are outlined below. Employ sound repair services options Instead of returning a product, customers

Make Inventory Control Your competitive advantage_HFA blog
Make Inventory Control Your Competitive Advantage with 4 NEW Advanced Tips!

Inventory management is at the top of every retailer’s mind. It is the foundation of your business and a dynamically moving target, especially in today’s world. Yet, inventory control can become your competitive advantage when your business has inventory fundamentals in place. At STORIS, we understand that tracking inventory across

Managing Supply Chain Risk in Times of Uncertainty_HFA blog
Profit Chain
Managing Supply Chain Risk in Times of Uncertainty

Robert Kennedy proclaimed in a speech many years ago, “There is a Chinese curse which says, ‘May he live in interesting times.’ ” As current events continue to unfold, it would seem as though we are living in increasingly interesting times. Recent announcements by many auto manufacturers that production lines

Managing inventory takes commitment_IHFRA_HFA blog5-2022
Jonathan Schulman
Managing inventory takes commitment

I have a favorite saying by the immortal Matt Ross. Matt had a ton of Mattisms that I loved to parrot back to him and anyone else who would or was paid to listen to me. Matt became a north star to me when he joined our team after a

Image of Delivery people setting up furniture
Riaz Husein
New Standards for Final Mile Delivery

Making a typical final mile home delivery in the COVID-19 era has changed for the foreseeable future. Many retailers have risen to the challenge and innovated quickly to provide options – driven by consumer preferences. Prior to the pandemic, the majority of deliveries made by full-line furniture retailers were a

Reverse Logistics: How to Create a Seamless Returns Process
Riaz Husein
Reverse Logistics: How to Create a Seamless Returns Process

More Sales = More Returns As retailers gear up for peak holiday season sales, it is important not to lose sight of what happens next. Unfortunately, some of the merchandise you sell is going to come back! And increased sales mean increased returns. With more online shopping, the rate of

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