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Four Key Factors of Effective New Mover Campaigns

New movers present a tremendous opportunity for marketers. Brands can capitalize on this new mover consumer behavior by using trigger marketing to nurture new relationships at opportune moments. But if you aren’t prepared to “make a move” as well, you’ll miss out on this brief and lucrative window of opportunity.

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Increase revenue with multi-channel advertising 

Furniture is a big-ticket item, which means there is a long sales cycle, and you need to stay in touch with your customer every step of the way. Your online presence is crucial to connecting with customers and converting leads to sales in this digital world of multi-channel advertising. Digital

HFA member John Rose likes to use raw, unedited video in his social media campaigns.
Robert Bell
Social media video for your store: Keep it raw (and real)

When HFA member John Rose learned a competitor was spreading false information about his furniture store, J.R. Furniture, he decided to set the record straight through social media video. But Rose knows social media isn’t always what it seems. With so many filters and editing tools available, who can tell

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