Cars parked in parking lot
Empty parking lots, aerial view.

7 Quick Tips to a Safer Parking Lot

Did you know one in five automobile accidents occurs in a parking lot? Though there are often reduced speeds in these areas, fender benders are more likely to occur in parking lots than on open roadways. This, of course, can create a negative customer experience tied to your business just because it happened in your parking lot. So, how can you limit the number of accidents that occur in your own lot?

Follow these seven tips:

1. Control the flow of traffic with a well laid out parking lot.
2. Discourage speed demons. Install speed bumps to discourage “cut through” traffic.
3. Assign parking spaces.
4. Restrict parking in some areas. In particular near areas where delivery traffic flows.
5. Establish boundaries with paint lines or barriers like bushes or planter boxes.
6. Turn away trespassers, vehicles for sale or the occasional overnight RV camper.
7. Add a little light. Discourages issues with #6.

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