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LA Furniture’s new approach to engaging customers

“We have to be thinking about customers of the future,” Madeline Sweeten of LA Furniture told us in our recent interview. “They are the young people who grew up with cell phones and computers… they are very efficient with their time, and we need to be aware of that.” LA

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Mark Schumacher
Low-Tech, High Reward

Let me say off the top that I like tech, and in many cases, the higher the tech, the better. There are so many amazing technologic breakthroughs changing the landscape of all industries; indeed, the home furnishings industry is one of them. With that said, I find it amazing that

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Jonathan Schulman
Your customers mean business

“A good pilot is compelled to always evaluate what’s happened, so he can apply what he’s learned.” Viper, 1986 I thought an original Top Gun quote is an appropriate way to start this Summer of Maverick blog post. In the time it takes my teenager to flip from one Tik

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Outward Inc.
HFA Solution Partner: Outward, Inc.

Outward, Inc. is happy to be one of the Home Furnishings Association’s newest Solution Partners, providing its members with product photography tools and services to improve the way they do business. Retailers need high-quality product photography We understand that retailers must put their best foot forward when promoting their product

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