Do You Know What’s Just Around the Corner?

Fork Lift Truck

According to OSHA, nearly 100,000 workers are injured as a result of forklift accidents annually. The inability of individuals to see around corners and down aisles can quickly turn warehouses into danger zones. What are some of the solutions to minimize the risk?

Safety Mirrors

Safety Mirrors will help employees see around corners and down aisles so they can avoid all kinds of dangers in warehouses and storage facilities, including forklift traffic. Available in many configurations to meet the viewing angle requirements for any application.

Marking and Identification

Safety, warning and floor markings can be an effective way to designate areas of concern. Mounted warning signs at entry points, corners and intersections can alert to pedestrians to equipment traffic. Floor, or lane markers, that designate traffic flows for forklifts visually alert foot traffic and remind equipment drivers of the boundaries for operation.

Warehouse Protectors and Guards

Physical barriers are an excellent way to separate foot and equipment traffic. Posts, bumpers, rails and other high visibility barrier solutions can easily create safe walkways and encourage corner safety by becoming permanent objects to avoid.

Turning a corner blindly is a recipe for injury or product damage. With the many solutions available from various warehouse equipment and office supply retailers, keeping your employees safe is easy to accomplish.

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