KNOX, KNOX. Who’s There? Rapid Entry System and Why You Need One.

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Image of Knox Box

Ever wonder what those little boxes stuck to the side of government offices, commercial buildings, schools and many other locations are for? Those little boxes are called KNOX Boxes and provide a means for rapid access to that facility by emergency responders. Installed by the building owner and coordinated with the local fire department or emergency responders, these boxes are designed to securely hold keys, access cards and other vital information that are critical in an emergency. Only the tenant and the local fire department can open the KNOX Box.

5 Reasons to Install a KNOX Box

Rapid Access

Eliminate barriers and allow first responders to quickly gain access to secured properties when time matters most.


Protect property, inventory, and thousands of dollars in investments from fire and water damage by providing rapid emergency access to first responders.


Eliminate costly repair from forced entry with a one-time, low-cost investment.

Low Maintenance

Boxes are built Knox-Rugged to require little maintenance and retain their operational integrity even under extreme weather conditions.


Only your local fire department or emergency responders has the authority to access your Knox products. Items to consider for storage in your KNOX Box:

  • Facility keys, labeled for quick identification as to what key opens which door.
  • Access Cards for electronic locks.
  • Laminated list of areas of concern that responders should be aware of. Examples: Where highly flammable or hazardous materials are stored. Location of main utility shut offs.
  • Contact List for your owner, facilities manager, CEO, ect.
  • Alarm company contact information.
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