HFA leaders aim to add value, grow membership

The Home Furnishings Association launched an ambitious campaign to speak personally with each HFA member to better understand and address their needs for growing their businesses.  

More than two dozen HFA board members gathered in San Diego March 5-6 for the association’s Spring Board of Directors meeting. The board members, who own furniture stores ranging from small to Top 100 in the United States and Canada, discussed numerous ways for growing the Home Furnishings Association and making it even more valuable to its members. 

HFA President Jesus Capo said the new campaign – scheduled to begin in April – was unanimously approved by the board. He said the move is part of a goal of doubling HFA’s membership in five years. 

“We recognized that one of the best ways to accomplish this growth is by providing more and more value to our members and to partner with them through the good times and the difficult times,” said Capo, chief information officer for El Dorado Furniture in Florida. “We dove deep into the profile of various members of various sizes to identify their needs. It provided the board members with a unique perspective as to how every member has their own distinct set of needs.”  

Capo said he enjoyed seeing board members unanimously agree that “everything we offer, and all that we do, should be representative of the wants and needs of HFA members and that our duty as board members is to address those wants and needs as best we can as an association.” 

Mark Schumacher, HFA’s vice president for marketing and membership, called the board meeting “foundational,” adding that the gathering in San Diego was both proactive in its vision for the future of the HFA and responsive to the myriad needs of members. 

“I think down the road this will be viewed as the singular most important board meeting we will have had,” said Schumacher. 

The next step in the process is for HFA member specialists to begin calling members. Schumacher said those calls will start next month as the association learns how it can be an even better partner in helping its members strengthen their businesses. 

“We really need to hear from our members,” said Schumacher. “We’re going to listen and we’re going to respond to what we hear. I think members are going to be very excited about the changes that are coming because it’s going to be changes that they are asking for.” 

Members who want more information on the board meeting and calling campaign can contact Schumacher at 916-757-1173 or at mschumacher@myhfa.org

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