Identify Workplace Hazards w/ OSHA-Compliant Signs & Labels!

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According to OSHA’s Specifications for Accident Prevention (29 CFR 1910.145), employers must indicate and define potential hazards around the workplace. Safety signs and labels are easy and effective ways to communicate warnings and comply with OSHA standards. Here are the top five common workplace safety signs and labels that will help you comply with OSHA regulations:

  1. Exit Route Signs

Place Exit Route Signs along pathways leading to exits and post directional evacuation markings every 100 feet.

  1. Fire Safety Signs

Make sure fire extinguishers are present and clearly marked by posting Signs.

  1. Electrical Hazard Signs & Labels

Warn employees about electrical hazards with conspicuous Warning Signs and Labels.

  1. Machine Safety Labels

Ensure machine operators (and other employees in the area) know about various equipment hazards through the use of Machine Safety Labels.

  1. Confined Space Signs

Utilize Confined Space Signs to warn workers about dangers posed by permit-required confined spaces.

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