Increase your store’s conversion rate with DoorCounts

Ask furniture retailers what would help them sell more furniture and you’re likely to hear the same response from most: more traffic through their front doors.

Jerry Murphey with retail traffic counter DoorCounts thinks retailers have it backwards. “Most retailers already have a healthy amount of traffic coming into their business,” says Murphey. “They need to be improving the conversion rates on the traffic the already have.”

DoorCounts, a Home Furnishings Association solution partner, is a cloud-based management platform that allows retailers to always know what’s happening on their sales floor. With DoorCounts, retailers can real-time sales queuing for their staff, instantly see results of every sales associate’s interaction with a customer and acquire important contact information for every customer who walks into their stores.

A retail traffic counting system helps furniture retailers make smarter business decisions, and DoorCounts is an industry leader. DoorCounts can easily determine how much sales revenue is being generated in relation to traffic, the days and times when staffing your sales floor needs to be beefed up and when you can cut back, and analyze whether promotional events are successful. DoorCounts can also help determine which advertising medium your customers respond to most. With all this data at their fingertips, retailers can make informed decisions about marketing, management, staffing and sales training.

Increase your conversion rate

With DoorCounts, Murphey said it’s not unreasonable to expect a furniture retailer to increase his or her store’s conversion rate by 10 percent – sometimes even 20 percent.

“That might not sound like much but if you’re a store doing $6 million in revenue, a 10 percent increase is a lot of money,” says Murphey. “Furniture is a different retail animal. People don’t go shopping for furniture just to look around. Their intention is to buy. So the question is, when they’re in your store, are you doing everything you can to convert them? Are you making the most of every opportunity that walks through your front door?”

Retailers already spend a considerable amount of money advertising just to get shoppers into their stores. “With each conversion,” says Murphey, “that cost goes exponentially down. It just makes sense to increase the conversions on who’s already coming into your store.”

For more information about DoorCounts, contact an HFA membership specialist at 800-422-3778.

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