Profitability Consulting offers retailers the intelligence to grow their business

Profitability Consulting Group

When John Egger started Profitability Consulting Group 20 years ago, he expected the bulk of his clients to be struggling furniture retailers trying to turn around their businesses.

Just the opposite. Most of Profitability Consulting’s clients were and remain successful retailers smart enough to know they can do even better with the insight and expertise of some of the most experienced consultants in the retail furniture industry. Today, Profitability Consulting, a Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner, is widely recognized in the industry as the source for retailers looking to grow.

“So many retailers we deal with are ready to take their business to the next level, and that’s where we can help them,” says Egger. “We can look at things a little differently for your store than maybe you can and show you where you might be able to do better.”

Egger is not your everyday consultant. He owned a successful furniture store before realizing he could be just as successful sharing his knowledge and skills with other furniture retailers. The team he rounded up for Profitability consists of other former furniture store owners or operators.

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“As a group of former retail owners and operators, we know that pushing for sales growth without profit growth can hurt your bottom line and put tremendous pressure on you as well, both professionally and personally,” says Egger. “When I sold my retail furniture operation to my accountant, he acquired from me a vibrant business with solid fundamentals, sales growth, profitability, and positive cash flow. That’s what we want to do for our clients.”

Retailers of all sizes

Profitability Consulting Group has worked with more than 1,000 retailers of all sizes – from top 100s to family-owned stores – across the country. The group looks at all aspects of your business, from sales to merchandising to advertising, warehouse, succession planning and so much more.

After working with so many stores over the years, Egger knows that no two stores are exactly alike. Each store has its own physical assets and characteristics, situational attributes, competitive position, and most importantly human resources with which to work.

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HFA members receive 20 percent off PCG’s initial Profitability Analysis – a one- to three-day onsite process. This consists of Egger and his group working with you and the resources you have in your operation today to develop a comprehensive business analysis that will help you see how your store is currently performing.

“As part of the process, we help you develop a set of benchmarks that are unique to your store and based on both your current and historical performance,” says Egger. “Once you have these benchmarks in place, you’ll be able to make sound analytical decisions based on an impact on your profitability.”

For more information on Profitability Consulting Group or other HFA’s Solution Partners, contact your member specialist at 800-422-3778.

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Profitability Consulting Group

Profitability Consulting Group is a full-service consultancy focusing exclusively on helping retailers in the home

Profitability Consulting Group

Profitability Consulting Group is a full-service consultancy focusing exclusively on helping retailers in the home

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