Spill Control & Cleanup for Facility and Customer Safety

Caution Wet Floor Sign

Spills may be inevitable, but the way you handle them is up to you.

Whether your facility uses chemicals, solvents or just plain old water in everyday business there are many options available to your staff to take quick action to prevent accidents. Slips on the showroom floor by a customer or employee can disastrous for a company, both legally and by damaging reputation. Make sure you have the proper procedures and supplies to address spills quickly, efficiently and safely.

Showroom liquids spills like water and drinks are the most common and only require proper “wet floor” warning signs during cleanup and dry time. Other spills can be more difficult due to being a hazardous material, sticky, slick or vaporous. Having the right solution accessible is key to quick cleanup to get operations back up and running. Here is a quick list of available solutions for most spill clean ups.

For any spill clean-up job.

Signs, yes wet floor warning signs. The best defense against a slip and injury is prevention through proper warnings. Inexpensive and convenient to stash around the facility for quick access to put out as soon as a spill is discovered.

The Mop Bucket

Tried and true and a staple for any business. Great for nonhazardous spill cleanup on hard surfaces like tile, linoleum, hardwood or even sealed concrete. Make sure that the storage station has access to water and a drain for filling and emptying.

Sorbents, short for absorbents do exactly what their name implies, they absorb.

Sorbents quickly soak up all types of spills to prevent exposure and contamination while a more comprehensive clean-up is facilitated. Available in a variety of options ranging from oil-only, hazmat or universal to suit any size spill. They can be found in many configurations such as: pads, rolls, pillows, and socks. Drip Pans, Neutralizers & Solidifiers and Sorbent Centers are also available.

Barriers, even temporary, can keep a spill from spreading.

Containment is key for large spills to help minimize safety concerns and additional damage to surfaces. Using a Sock Sorbent as mentioned above as a temporary dam can make clean up easier. Better to clean a small area than a large one.

The best of solutions is an easily accessible combination of all of them.

Spill kits allow you to grab what you need and immediately tend to any size spill. Keep spill kits throughout your facility for fastest response, and contain everything you need for fast, easy clean-up of any Universal, Oil-Only or Hazmat spill. Spill kits contain warning signs and an assortment of Sorbents, barriers and cleaning products. They can be found in small hand carry pre stocked buckets to larger wheeled and specialty kits for the warehouse.

But the most important thing to have on site is awareness. If any employee discovers or is made aware of a spill, they need to act on it immediately. Get the wet floor signs up and have the spill addressed as soon as possible.

For more information, call (800) 422-3778, Option 2.

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