WARNING: Parking Lots are More Dangerous Than You Think

Two cars parked next to each other in a parking lot

On average, more than 50,000 crashes occur in parking lots and parking garages annually, resulting in 500 or more deaths and more than 60,000 injuries*.  Here are 5 steps to keep your parking lot safe & compliant:

Step 1: Create Safe Intersections

Create safe intersections and reduce vehicle collisions by posting STOP signs at all unsignalized intersections. Post STOP signs, for example, in visible areas to reduce accidents at intersections in your lot. Available in different sizes, reflective finishes and wordings, you can single-handedly prevent accidents from happening in your lot.

Step 2: Designate Parking Areas

Comply with ADA standards by posting the correct amount of accessible parking and van accessible signs in your lot. Organize your parking spaces to designate reserved areas for guests and visitors, and block off parking with No Parking Signs for fire lanes and unsafe areas.

Step 3: Control Speed

The higher the speeds traveled in your lot, the more likely it is that serious accidents and injuries will occur. Urge individuals to drive at reduced speeds while in your lot. Use Speed Limit signs to remind people of lowered speed limits in your lot and take advantage of speed bumps, humps and curbs to prevent vehicles from gaining excess speed.

Step 4: Direct Traffic Flow

Visitors and employees should be able to quickly understand the designated flow of traffic throughout your parking lot. Use signs and pavement markings to identify entrances, exits, traffic flow directions and do not enter lanes.

Step 5: Design Safe Crosswalks

Increase pedestrian safety by setting up crosswalks in your lot. The most important part of designing crosswalks involves making them highly visible. Paint your crosswalks to be a minimum of six feet wide in either traditional parallel lines or a high-visibility crosswalk pattern. Regardless of your crosswalk design, be sure to call attention to it with proper Pedestrian Crossing signage.

*Source EHS Today

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