Gaining Customer Loyalty with Clienteling

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Couple Stand in a Furniture Shop Holding Fabric Swatches and Smiling at Each Other

While driving home from work a couple of weeks ago, I realized my husband’s birthday was in a few days.

What do you get a guy that has everything? I stopped by our neighborhood Ace Hardware store, a place my husband goes on the weekends just for fun! My hopes were not high, I had absolutely no idea what my husband had or what he could possibly need. A nice elderly sales associate greeted me and asked if I needed help. I explained my situation and within 5 minutes, he pulled up my husband’s project list and identified tools on his wish list and began showing me options. Within 15 minutes, I had purchased a couple of new tools I knew my husband would need for those “future” projects he had identified. I headed home feeling like I had won the lottery. Who knew shopping could be so simple and so rewarding? I know where to go for our anniversary, also coming up!

In an era of customer experience, this personal attention increases lifetime customer value in two ways.

First, the experience itself draws shoppers back to the store, increasing repeat purchases. Second, sales associates develop an intimate knowledge of their best shoppers’ preferences, enabling them to make more relevant recommendations. Basket sizes grow in pace with relevance, increasing the value of each visit.

Clienteling is the set of business processes retailers use to increase customer lifetime value through the delivery of a personalized shopping experience.

Fortunately, the tools needed to create a personalized in-store experience now exist, and they are increasingly affordable. Technology is replacing note pads and address books as a means of storing key client information. Today’s clienteling software can deliver rich data to an associate’s fingertips, allowing him or her to provide a personalized experience that will improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Implementing an effective clienteling program isn’t easy, but it is well worth the effort.

A well-designed and implemented program will increase loyalty and revenue from the brand’s most important customers. It will also create brand advocates that provide the social media-driven word-of-mouth buzz that everyone seeks.

Want to learn more about clienteling and customer loyalty best practices? Watch the webinar here.

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