Dovr Media helps HFA members dive into the e-commerce game

Furniture retailers were notoriously slow in embracing an e-commerce strategy. The pandemic changed that. E-commerce as a revenue-generating strategy has advanced three to five years just within the past nine months as evident by strong online sales throughout the summer. Today, your online store is your new flagship store. 

Supporting that new flagship requires having strong digital tools, which is where HFA Solution Partner Dovr Media can help. Dovr Media helps retailers enter the e-commerce world by offering world-class, American-made websites and digital sales tools for furniture companies big and small. 

Jake Freedman, founder of Dovr, said his company is adding a dozen or so furniture retailers a week. “They’re seeing the need and that this isn’t rocket science like they always thought it was,” says Freedman. 

Run a smooth, efficient website

Dovr knows what it takes to run a smooth, efficient e-commerce game. That’s why it assesses your e-commerce systems and processes to eliminate any clutter, fix what’s broken, and optimize all the components to work together from your customer’s first click to full cart. Say goodbye to gaps such as broken links, confusing messaging and poor design choices, which are causing you to lose customers at multiple points in your sales funnel. 

Dovr nurtures the customer relationship by monitoring their online behavior and preferences, and serving them similar and relevant Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns to help build your brand familiarity, recognition and trust. 

Dovr understands that attracting new customers is more expensive than holding on to the ones you already have. That’s why it implements strategies to help you upsell, cross-sell and show your customers related content in your storeWant to buy that new sofa for the den? Your Dovr-powered website will show them matching end tables to complete the look!  

Everything Dovr offers comes with a zero contract and month-to-month pricing for the most flexible, feature-offering, revenue-driving way to provide HFA members the tools to win in a world where ecommerce is the fastestgrowing vertical in furniture. 

Best of all, HFA members receive up to 50 percent off Dovr’s robust one-stop offers. To learn more about Dovr, see their website.

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