Home Furnishings Association Announces New Member Program with PERQ

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Roseville, CA (September 18, 2017) – Today the Home Furnishings Association (HFA) and PERQ announced a strategic partnership to provide PERQ’s technology platform to HFA retail members at negotiated discounts.

Enjoy the PERQ’s

PERQ’s technology platform provides a web engagement tool that helps retailers win the website experience the same way they try to win the showroom experience, through personalized, one-to-one interaction. Consequently, PERQ’s interactive experiences generate excitement and engagement. This is done by providing the kind of shopping assistance today’s consumers expect from every website they visit. Most importantly, they facilitate a higher conversion of website visitors to in-store sales.

The program brings HFA members proven technology that creates a unique online experience and helps them stand out against other furniture websites. As a result, retailer websites using PERQ’s web engagement platform are collecting 5x more consumer data. As well, they are experiencing a 50-200% lift in website conversions.

What People Are Saying:

“PERQ offers HFA members the opportunity to enhance their website presence with a very personal curated shopping experience. The goal is to convert online shoppers to in-store traffic. We are very excited to add this consumer engagement technology to the  suite of business  programs HFA offers its membership,” said Sharron Bradley, CEO for the Home Furnishings Association.

“We’re thrilled to become part of the HFA ‘family’ and know that being an HFA partner will enable us to work closer with furniture retailers to help transform their existing websites into truly successful marketing platforms,” said Scott Hill, PERQ’s co-founder. “What we do for our retailer partners is really very simple: we enable them to replicate successful showroom tactics online, engaging consumers by creating one-to-one conversations and personalizing their shopping experiences – which results in moving them down the buying funnel and bringing them into showroom.”

In conclusion, PERQ works hard to quantify the results for its customers. PERQ gives them the data they need to understand how much business can be attributed to their website. To learn more about this new HFA member program contact HFA at 800.422.3778 and press 1 to talk to your membership representative.

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