Learn to repair rather than replace damaged furniture

You’ve just sold a beautiful leather sofa that the purchaser absolutely loves – enough to pay a nice price. But the day after you’ve had it delivered and placed in her living room, she calls to say she just discovered a small tear on the arm.

You aim to keep her a happy customer, so you rush to her home to inspect the damage. There’s no way to know for certain where, when and how the flaw appeared, but that doesn’t matter. You are going to make it right.

The question is whether that means repair or replace. Who’s qualified to make that decision? And if the answer is to repair it, whom do you trust to fix the problem and to assure your customer that her lovely leather sofa will be as good as new?

Why not you? With instruction from Sue Harman, furniture expert and technical training manager for Guardsman, you – or someone on your staff — can learn to assess the extent of damage and make durable, professional repairs in your customer’s home.

Guardsman charges hundreds of dollars to participate in Harman’s workshops, and why not? You could save more than that every time you repair instead of replacing an expensive piece of furniture. The good news is that you don’t have to pay anything to attend a two-hour master class that Harman will lead in the HFA’s Retailer Resource Center, Showroom B1050, at the Las Vegas Market on Tuesday, Jan. 29, starting at 10:30 a.m.

She will demonstrate a variety of methods for repairing leather and wood furniture, and for cleaning stains. In doing so, she’ll give you the knowledge you need to resolve problems and keep your customer happy without replacing her new leather sofa.

“It’s not hard to do,” Harman told HFA. “All you need is a professional product and a little training. Anybody can learn, and they do.”

Watch her at work in the below YouTube video demonstration:

Provided via Guardsman’s YouTube Channel

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