Using Social Media to Attract Talent

Many cubes on a desk with social media logos on each face of the cubes

Today, HR professionals in every industry are looking for creative and effective options to get their message in front of their target audience. Most organizations in the home furnishing industry still use the traditional methods of job boards and company websites, which still have a place. Now it’s time to consider some unconventional ways like social media. 

Social media is one of the most efficient and inexpensive communication tools being used. While many sites were initially created for social purposes, they have become primary communication tools to quickly tell a story or exchange information with a large portion of our population.  

If your company, or at least your HR team, does not have a Facebook or LinkedIn page, you should make it a priority to create one. While the demographics for these sites tend to attract an older audience, younger people use these sites as a source of information for employment. Once you have a Facebook and LinkedIn page, consider creating an Instagram page and YouTube channel. Even if you are not ready to jump into one of these platforms, it is a good idea to reserve your company’s username now before someone else takes it, then hold onto it for future use.  

Before creating these pages, be mindful of your company’s branding, desired messaging, and how you intend to remain engaged. Without a well-thought-out plan, the results could quickly have the opposite effect. For instance, having a stale page with little to no followers or a site that doesn’t respond to posts or questions will be useless or harmful to your efforts. Before you spend energy developing a new page or channel on one of these platforms, first draft a communication strategy for the site with a plan to have fresh content, or can you use evergreen material throughout the year. The shared information and images should represent your company’s culture, values, and mission.  

The younger demographic, like Millennials and Gen Z generations, frequent social media sites like Snapchat and TikTok to engage in pop culture, like dance challenges or contests so knowing and understanding the trends and interests of this large population will allow an HR team and organization to remain relevant and current. HR teams should encourage employees to be creative by doing one of the dance challenges with the company’s logo or brand prominently displayed in the video. This video could then be added to one of the company’s social media sites to demonstrate your fun company culture to potential applicants.  

Today, most people rarely answer calls from unknown phone numbers and won’t check their voicemails. Alternate media sources such as text messaging or WhatsApp are far more nimble and efficient methods of communication than the traditional models. These alternatives allow more efficient communication methods with applicants and candidates rather than calling or emailing them.    

If your company still wants to have multiple rounds of interviews, consider using Zoom, Teams, or a similar video conferencing platform to do the initial interviews.  

Social Media and media are constantly evolving. HR teams and companies need to know the current methods available to communicate with a broad audience and determine how new methods can be embraced for talent acquisition. The bottom line is that all companies must figure out a way to stand out from others and utilizing the latest social media and media trends for talent acquisition could be one of the ways. 

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