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Matt Schewel is named a Future Leader by the Hall of Fame Foundation

The HFA TeamApr 3, 2019

Matt Schewel taught in a Spanish-immersion elementary school in Durham, N.C., then worked as a journalist in Washington, D.C., covering trade policy.  Finally, in May 2016, he returned home to Lynchburg, Va., and joined the business his great-great grandfather started there in 1897, Schewel Furniture Co. “I’d always considered the


Someone using a tablet in front of a computer

Your website isn’t a brochure. Use it to build relationships with shoppers.

The HFA TeamApr 3, 2019

Furniture retailers miss sales opportunities if they don’t turn anonymous website visitors into people they know, says Scott Hill, executive chairman and co-founder of PERQ.  When many consumers never walk into a furniture store until they’re ready to buy, it’s critical to start the selling process online, says Hill, who


Truck Driver Preparing for Drive

You made the sale – now comes the hard part

The HFA TeamApr 2, 2019
Current News

Congratulations on making that sale. Now comes the hard part: Getting that sofa into your customer’s living room quickly, correctly and inexpensively to you.  The right logistics technology can help you make that transaction from sale to delivery – and every step in between – a seamless one for you


Profitability Consulting Group

The secret to your (hiring) success

The HFA TeamApr 1, 2019
Current News

Workers are receiving the fattest wage increases since the Great Recession as furniture retailers struggle to find enough people to fill their ranks and employees have more leverage to demand higher pay and jump to better jobs.  How does a furniture store owner react? John Egger of Profitability Consulting Group can help.   Egger will


U.S. House of Representatives

Bipartisan House bill would help furniture retailers recover expansion costs

The HFA TeamMar 30, 2019
Policy Matters - Government Relations

A bipartisan bill to fix a tax error was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives March 26. The measure would help furniture retailers recover some of the costs of expanding or renovating their showrooms, offices, warehouses and other facilities.  Identical legislation was filed March 14 in the Senate, also with sponsors


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