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KNOX, KNOX. Who’s There? Rapid Entry System and Why You Need One.

The HFA TeamAug 17, 2017
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Ever wonder what those little boxes stuck to the side of government offices, commercial buildings, schools and many other locations are for? Those little boxes are called KNOX Boxes and provide a means for rapid access to that facility by emergency responders. Installed by the building owner and coordinated with


5 Key things I learned in this week’s webinar- GOOGLE It and be First Online

The HFA TeamAug 14, 2017
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Tim McLain, Segment Marketing Manager for Netsertive, a digital advertising technology company, delivered an impactful webinar this week. He talked about the way consumers are utilizing GOOGLE to make their purchases, what kind of searches they are doing at each stage of the shopping process and how to get buyers


WARNING: Parking Lots are More Dangerous Than You Think

The HFA TeamAug 10, 2017
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On average, more than 50,000 crashes occur in parking lots and parking garages annually, resulting in 500 or more deaths and more than 60,000 injuries*. 5 steps to keep your parking lot safe & compliant: Step 1: Create Safe Intersections Create safe intersections and reduce vehicle collisions by posting STOP signs at


Do You Know What’s Just Around the Corner?

The HFA TeamAug 6, 2017
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According to OSHA, nearly 100,000 workers are injured as a result of forklift accidents annually. The inability of individuals to see around corners and down aisles can quickly turn warehouses into danger zones. What are some of the solutions to minimize the risk? Safety Mirrors Safety Mirrors will help employees see around


Commercial & Industrial Trash Compactors

The HFA TeamJun 24, 2017
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Many severe injuries are caused each year by improper use of trash compactors. Injuries such as amputations, lacerations, and even fatalities have been the direct result of trash compactor misuse. It is important that management institute specific safety controls and instruct employees as to appropriate safe practices to follow when


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