An Added Touch: The Benefits of White Glove Delivery

Two men in blue overalls unloading a curio from a delivery truck

Your customers are similar to the furniture you deliver. Most will only need regular delivery procedures, but some may require extra care or attention. The latter case is why you should offer White Glove delivery services.

White Glove delivery services include additional delivery benefits for your customers, from packaging removal to item assembly to assist with carrying items into a building or home. You can access a new customer base by providing these amenities while differentiating your store from competitors.

Here are some of the most compelling advantages of providing White Glove services.

Wider Customer Appeal

Big boxes can challenge even the most regular of gym-goers. So, you can imagine the extra strain this work may cause specific demographics, such as older adults, disabled people, or those who live alone.

White Glove services make bulky items more accessible to these customers, especially when moving or assembly is involved. With more accessibility, your store will appeal to a broader customer base and provide additional value to those already enjoying your deliveries.

White Glove services may even push that hesitant or cautious buyer to decide that buying and delivering with you is the right choice.

Competitive Edge

The more options you can provide beyond your competitors, the more customers will view your store as the better choice.

White Glove services allow you to distinguish your store from other stores. Or, if competitors already offer these additional amenities, you’ll ensure you’re keeping pace with them.

Heightening Brand Image

Some customers look for additional amenities not because they need them but because they want them. They’re willing to pay extra for a luxury delivery service, and White Glove is how you can elevate your brand to appeal to this client type.

Additionally, White Glove enhances branding by providing an extra touchpoint between you and the customer. Especially if ordering online, customers will scarcely interact with your customer service team or sales reps, perhaps leaving your operation faceless. White Glove delivery services, however, provide opportunities for your business to demonstrate care for the customer in person.

Smoother Returns

The last thing a frustrated customer feels like doing when making a return is to disassemble, re-package, or haul the item to prepare it for return shipping. Sometimes, this hassle can prevent them from returning the item.

White Glove services can mitigate the annoyance experienced by a customer and demonstrate your dedication to resolving their dissatisfaction. As a result, you’ll create goodwill for your store even under less-than-optimal circumstances.


White Glove providers typically experience lower damage rates than other carriers because trusted professionals handle the equipment, allowing for a cautious approach.

Since White Glove services reduce the risks of damage or misplacement of items, especially fragile ones, you can save on replacement expenses with these services. This may also appeal to customers concerned about their ability to handle their packages.

Customer Service Convenience

In logistics, you rely on customer service to handle various issues, from broken items to missing parts to late deliveries. But while essential, these departments can drive up business costs.

Consider, then, how White Glove can be a proactive measure to reduce the necessary size of customer service operations. With added care and attention given to each delivery, the likelihood of a problem decreases. That means fewer complaints and less work in customer quality assurance.

Meet Rising Demand

Over 60% of supply chain operators experienced increased demand for last-mile delivery services in 2020. Moreover, 87% of customers now consider the shipping and delivery experience vital to their decision to repeat business with a given seller.

From these trends, you can see that consumers have grown to expect more from their remote shopping experiences. As such, businesses must overhaul their shipping and delivery operations to match these rising expectations.

White Glove service will help you meet higher standards and exceed them.

Alleviate Furniture-Delivery Anxiety

Unlike other shipments, furniture seems to create the most anxiety among customers. Not only do they fret about maintaining its quality, but furniture also typically involves tedious after-delivery attention, like assembly.

Offering White Glove furniture delivery helps to alleviate these stresses, which many customers will particularly appreciate. One painless experience in this area may be enough to have them coming back to you for furniture delivery for life.

Boosted Revenue

It’s a basic rule of business that when you do more, you can typically charge more.

Perhaps you’d like to offer White Glove service to distinguish your store from competitors at the same price point. That’s a good strategy; revenue may increase simply by attracting more customers.

However, there may be an opportunity to segment your services based on price, with added amenities demanding higher fees. In this case, White Glove allows your store to boost revenue directly.

In either case, there are promising financial incentives.

Putting on the Gloves

Customers have said they want more – perhaps to no one’s surprise. That means White Glove delivery may not only become preferable but necessary.

See for yourself. Experimenting with White Glove services, even with only a few amenities first, will help you decide which extra options suit your business.

If you don’t have in-home delivery and would like to contract with one of the largest networks of White Glove carriers in the United States at the best rates, contact Freight Club today.


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