How AI is Changing the Retail Customer Experience

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become pervasive, revolutionizing various industries with its far-reaching and diverse applications. From retail to healthcare, AI has brought about tectonic shifts in business, leading to unprecedented transformations for companies and their end consumers. Its impact is felt across the board, leaving virtually no industry untouched.

In recent years, the integration of AI has brought about transformational changes in the retail industry. Retailers are now leveraging AI to bridge the online-offline shopping gap and provide customers with a more personalized and engaging shopping experience, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Reimagining Visual Discovery through 3D and AR-powered online shopping experiences

 Immersive 3D and AR experiences are increasingly being leveraged to provide customers with the missing context when shopping online and creating personalized relationships between you and your customers. Through 3D and AR, retailers can engage otherwise passive customers and provide the context needed for them to decide and significantly improve the likelihood of purchase across categories. For example, Converse’s AR app lets customers try on shoes by pointing the camera at their feet. They can then evaluate multiple models with varying colors within minutes. The app is also integrated with your e-commerce platform, creating a seamless flow from discovery to intent to final purchase.

An increasing number of stores are harnessing the potential of 3D AR to provide customers with the ability to customize furniture and decor according to their preferences. By modifying colors, materials, and finishes, customers can visualize the product variants within their living spaces, guaranteeing a seamless integration with their preferred design style.

AI and Neural Renderers have facilitated the creation of photorealistic 3D models and expedited this transition to AR in retail at scale, empowering you to enhance your Product Display Pages and allowing customers to interact with your products more intuitively.

Cell phone taking picture of sofa.

Disrupting the in-store buying experience with AI

In-store shopping experiences traditionally rely on physical interactions with products and sales associates. However, with consumers increasingly expecting seamless and personalized shopping experiences across all channels, retailers must innovate and enhance the in-store experience. AI can revolutionize in-store shopping by uniquely blending physical and virtual realities.

AI-led 3D can enable immersive product demonstrations, such as virtual try-ons and interactive product feature visualizations at scale, creating a more informative and engaging experience for your customers. Moreover, providing personalized recommendations based on customer data, including purchase history and browsing behavior, helps your customers discover relevant products, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Incorporating dedicated AR experience zones within stores allows consumers to design and conceptualize multiple products virtually. Further, the infinite aisle concept unblocks retail space and empowers you to present millions of AI-driven SKU variants without additional physical space.

You must elevate your in-store experiences to remain competitive and cater to changing consumer demands in the evolving retail environment that increasingly embraces an omnichannel approach.

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