Time Management for Sales Managers

Business Man holding a clock depicting time managment

We all know that the best closer in your store is you. If you could spend ten minutes with every customer that walks into your store, you would undoubtedly see an increase in revenue. But you’re just one person with limited time. And since cloning yourself isn’t an option, we studied the time management behaviors of some of the best retail sales leaders.

What follows are five of the most effective time management tips for furniture store sales:

     1. They Prepare Early

Plan your time for sales months and get to the store early enough to take a deep breath and review your goals and to-do list. Planning equals setting realistic goals and incentives and ensuring you have product inventory—training staff up. I suggest rearranging the store to accommodate more traffic and adjusting product visibility based on customers spending a little less this year.

     2. Identify timewasters

It’s easy to settle into a slower pace when people are casually shopping (we know, some just come in to watch the big screen TV). But when they’re in a rush, you need to be as efficient as possible. Find ways to make processes faster, like check-out, inventory assessments, customer greetings, and service. Make sure everyone that walks through your door is greeted and feels like they will be helped as soon as possible, even when the store is packed.

     3. Make breaks count

Hours on the floor can make anyone cranky. Work rotations so that there is time off the floor to organize contacts. Sales Associates get a break from people but are also productive. And when their scheduled breaks come, make them leave the store for some personal time so they return refreshed.

     4. Delegate

Remember, you are only one person. So delegating means training your staff before the rush begins. Have fun with sales day drills, pretending you’re at peak hours. Measure effectiveness and give out awards for best performance during these training games.

     5. Automate

Nothing wastes time more than redundant and manual tasks. Automate it! Technology is your friend. Use it. The right technology makes it possible to automate and scale the personal touch process.

Remember, you’re not selling furniture. You’re selling a lifestyle. Take the time to do it right. With the right time management skills, your sales team can be more productive and increase sales!


Clientbook is an HFA Solution Partner that helps you and your associates to build long-term relationships with customers. Clientbook is a platform and mobile app that facilitates easy client management by furniture sales associates.

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