Learn How Live Chat Influences Customer Experience

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Research shows that customers visit your website before entering your home furnishings store. And if you aren’t using Live Chat on your website (or need to be using it correctly), you could be missing out on the one customer service expert who is always on call.

Do I need Live Chat on my site?

YES! In the same way that personable, professional salespeople in your showroom are a crucial part of converting walk-ins into customers, Live Chat dramatically improves customer experience when they visit your website.


These are just the facts:

  • 53% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company they can contact through a chat app
  • 73% of customers find live chatting to be the most satisfying way of communicating with a business
  • 89% of consumers would like to connect with companies through mobile messaging
  • 42% of consumers say live chatting is their preferred way of giving contact info – higher than ANY other lead method
  • 42% of Chat leads come outside of regular business hours
  • 51% of consumers say a business needs to be available 24/7

Wait, I’m already using a bot-based Chat service. Live Chat is NOT the same as using an Artificial Intelligence service or message bots. Artificial Intelligence can do many incredible things, many of which we use to optimize the targeting and delivery of our digital ads. However, when it comes to actual customer communication, you still need that human touch.

I don’t have enough employees to do Live Chat. Conquest Digital can help execute Live Chat with you. We’ve paired with a company of over 8,000 trained agents that take the time to get to know your business, what’s important to you about your leads, the products you offer, specials, promotions, etc.

We have specific questions that we’ll ask you to make sure we have the correct information for these agents to be effective brand ambassadors.

While these Chat agents are conversing with your potential customers, their goal is to get the phone number or email of the visitor so that you and your team can follow up with that lead. You don’t have to provide a script when providing information about your store. Our team will create one based on the information that you provided. You can also provide special offers that the Live Chat agent can mention.

Another feature our tool has is called “Call Connect.” During business hours, once the agents gather the lead information, visitors will be asked if they want to be connected immediately to talk on the phone with your business. The Live Chat agent then rings your store and connects you and the customer.

Isn’t it expensive? Conquest Digital installs Live Chat for a small, one-time installation fee you never have to pay again. No monthly management fees and no subscription to manage. The only additional cost you pay AFTER that setup fee is $10 per vetted lead.

So, Live Chat will effectively be free to install on your site until a user completes a Live Chat session, says they want to be contacted, provides their contact info, and successfully answers the vetting questions that you require the Chat Agent to ask to determine if someone is a valuable lead. Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s an incredible lead generation tool that proves the ROI of your website and the traffic that your ads are driving to it!

Have more questions about Live Chat or want to explore how it can work for your business? Conquest Digital is here to help.


Conquest Digital Solutions

Conquest Digital Solutions is a full-service digital advertising agency specializing in media planning, online ad buying, reporting, and optimization of campaigns.

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