Phelps Digital guide can help retailers boost their SEM game

Phelps Digital

Furniture retailers know the power of paid search in getting their brand in front of people, but executing and monitoring a successful SEM campaign can be time-consuming and fraught with potential mistakes.

Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner Phelps Digital can help. The company’s recently released guide, “Top 5 SEM Best Practices that You Should be Asking About,” answers many questions retailers have about implementing or maintaining an SEM campaign.

Keyword setup, geo-targeting, ad copy, budget strategies, landing pages — there are many pieces that must be executed correctly and constantly monitored to ensure a successful campaign.

For example, Phelps Digital says retailers should know what searches their ads are showing up for and ask whether the keywords really make sense. A strong campaign should have a robust list of keywords in multiple match types for optimal coverage in the different ways people search online. Phelps Digital offers recommendations for each of the five best practices it discusses as well as KPIs to measure your results.

E-commerce grows and more people shop online

Phelps’ guide couldn’t come at a more opportune time for retailers. With consumers increasingly starting their shopping journey online, furniture retailers’ websites have become their new front doors. That’s where Phelps can help retailers grow their business — online and in their store.

Phelps brings more than two decades of digital marketing experience to every furniture retailer it works with to maximize the retailer’s digital vendors’ production while freeing up the retailers to do what they do best: sell furniture.

A typical furniture retailer works with five digital vendors — such as website, chat, SEO, social media and search engine marketing  — or more to funnel customers into their store. Measuring traffic and holding vendors accountable isn’t easy. It requires a huge investment in time to understand which vendors are succeeding and how to adjust your digital strategy. Phelps Digital provides HFA members with the vendor management tools and reports they need for a fraction of the cost, saving retailers time and letting them focus on their store operations.

Phelps Digital’s SEM guide can be viewed here.

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[HFA, Phelps Digital announce strategic partnership]




Robert Bell

Robert is the Content Editor for the Home Furnishings Association. For any news about your store, including expansion, personnel, successful initiatives—anything of interest to HFA members, contact us.

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