Conquest Digital caters a marketing program to your company’s needs 

In a way, digital marketing is a lot like buying furniture for the home. That new sofa, loveseat and end tables might complete the den in one house, but two blocks away those pieces might fail miserably.  

It’s the same with digital marketing,” says Melanie Mandros, director of sales for Conquest Digital Solutions, a Home Furnishings Association Solution Partner. “We’ve had the opportunity to work with furniture stores all over the country. We know a campaign that provides profit and ROI in one market may need to be completely revised for another.” 

That’s where Conquest Digital Solutions stands apart from other marketing firms. Conquest sits down with furniture retailers like you and discovers your store’s unique needs and goals. Then it customizes a campaign specific to you and your customers. 

The full-service digital advertising agency creates and implements ads on all the websites and screens your customers are using, but that’s just the start. Conquest monitors every element of your campaign and analyzes and shares that information with you to show your return on investment. 

Conquest specializes in media planning, online ad buying, reporting and optimization of campaigns. It does this with a multi-platform approach to digital advertising, which includes Targeted Display Ads (behavioral, keyword and Artificial Intelligence), Geo-Targeting and Video Ads, including OTT and YouTube, Retargeting, PPC, SEO and Reputation Management, Facebook and Instagram, mobile conquestingnative advertising, household IP targeting and live chat. 

Mobile Conquesting

One of Conquest Digital’s most popular products is Mobile Conquesting. As consumers spend more of their online time on smartphones and tablets, it’s important to include a mobile strategy in your digital marketing. Mobile Conquesting allows advertisers to use both location-based targeting combined with demographic and behavioral targeting to reach targeted consumers on their mobile devices. 

For example, Conquest will place your ads across premium mobile apps and mobile web-browsing sites within the area you want to reach. The company offers updated ads that show users the distance they are from your location or, if you have multiple locations, the distance to the closest. Conquest can even “geo-fence” around your competitors’ locations down to a radius of 500 feet. 

Unlike other geo-fencing digital strategies that send furniture shoppers an ad from your store when they are shopping in a competitor’s store, Conquest sends those consumers your ad after they get home from the competition inviting.

“That’s where our mobile conquesting and geofencing are very different,” says Mandros. “We have that georetargeting element that follows them home so, after they’ve priceshopped, we remind them of your store and follow up with an invite back to your store.” 

For more information, call an HFA specialist at 800-422-3778. Not a member of the HFA? Let us know you’re interested. 

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