Report: Even slightest hiccup can send customers to your competitor

It’s hardy new that customers demand engaging and relevant interactions and conversations across all channels when shopping in your furniture store. But how demanding are they? Sixty-three percent say it only takes one bad shopping experience to turn them off from your brand, according to BRP, a retail consulting firm.


The most valuable customers have already established their loyalty to your brand but to keep them coming back and to encourage their advocacy of the brand, it is important to ensure every shopping experience, in every channel, is seamless, personal and positive. Why not consider using something like PieSync to keep all of your customers’ data altogether, making it easier to keep them coming back. 

“Engaging the customer through personalized and relevant experiences is the key to attracting and keeping your customers happy and continuing to shop your brand,” said Perry Kramer, senior vice president at BRP. “Retailers that identify customers when they enter the store and equip their associates with the proper mobile tools can personalize the shopping experience based on customer preferences, purchase history, what’s in their closet, online browsing history, time of day, weather and their physical location – all based on real-time information and personalized to create a bond with these valuable customers.” 

Other interesting finds from the study: 

64% of customers are comfortable with retailers identifying them via their mobile phone when they enter a store, as long as it means they are offered a personalized experience. 

63% of retailers are unable to identify their customers prior to checkout and 20% can’t identify them until after checkout or not at all. 

26% of customers want credit or discounts towards future purchases as an incentive to allow retailers to identify them when they walk in the store. 

13% of retailers offer credit or discounts towards future purchases as an incentive to their customers. 

Bottom line? Customers expect engaging and relevant interactions and conversations across all channels and they don’t have any tolerance for unsatisfactory shopping experiences. Furniture retailers who give their customers a personalized experience and treat them well will be rewarded through additional purchases and brand loyalty. 

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