Retailers Guide to Home Furnishings Pinterest Ads

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As a home furnishings retailer, it’s important to stay up to date on the most effective advertising strategies. That means looking into campaigns that can capture and engage audiences, build brand awareness, and increase revenue. Pinterest Ads for home furnishings retailers is an often-overlooked platform in this landscape but could be just what your furniture store needs when it comes to engaging customers. In this blog, we will explore why you should advertise on Pinterest and tips for creating the best ads to engage and capture sales.

On Pinterest, people feel safe exploring new ideas and trying new things. They’re looking for inspiration. The people on Pinterest want to try your ideas or shop at your store and are actively searching for products like home furnishings and decor. It’s a deeper, more meaningful engagement than on other platforms. Shoppers on Pinterest spend 2x more per month than people on other platforms. 

Pinterest versus other social media platforms

People are coming to Pinterest to DO and not scroll passively compared to other social media platforms. 61% on Pinterest want to discover new ideas versus 31% on other platforms. 49% of people are looking to start new projects on Pinterest versus 24%, and 47% of Pinterest users are looking to take action versus 11% on other social platforms.

The home furnishings and decor sector dominate a large portion of Pinterest feeds. In 2022 there were 2.81 billion home decor-related searches and 9.6 billion2 home decor ideas saved. While Pinterest users are primarily women (60%), Pinterest has also seen a rise in men signing up, as it quickly becomes a go-to site for finding and saving ideas and inspiration.

Are ads on Pinterest worth it?

Pinterest has a massive user base of 463 million people every month, which means organic content can lead to significant sales potential. Users on the platform have 2.2 times more likelihood of considering it the most influential platform in their purchase journey than social media. And if you target high earners, you’ll be interested to know that 45% of US people earning over $100,000 are on Pinterest, giving you plenty of spending power. For businesses actively advertising on Pinterest, the statistics are even more impressive. Over 85%3 of shoppers on Pinterest have larger baskets at checkout, and over 30%4 outspend people on other platforms in the home category each month.

Pinterest will help you align your advertising goals with a Pinners journey. Pinterest has created a tip sheet to help home furnishings retailers claim pinners at every step of the journey. How Pinterest Ads for Home Furnishings Retailers can capture each stage of the buying journey for pinners.

Learn what makes a great pin description, what kinds of imagery influence buying decisions, and what formats capture attention with the Pinterest Home Furnishings Association Tip Sheet.

Are you considering Pinterest ads but need to know if they suit your brand? Test them out with a few campaigns to find out. Remember, Pinterest ads shouldn’t be your only focus. For optimal results, use them in conjunction with organic campaigns.

To help you get started, Pinterest has created the Pinterest Academy to walk you through sales success. Pinterest ads for home furnishings retailers can help you gain a lot of traction on the platform, but if you can get users to discover your content because your content has been repinned by others, for example. That’s a long-term benefit that requires no financial investment from you.

Source: 1. Pinterest internal data, US, searches between December 2021 – December 2022; 2. Pinterest internal data, US, saves between December 2021 – December 2022; 3. Dynata, US, 2022 shopping in the Home category among weekly Pinterest users and people on other platforms, April 2022.  4. Dynata, US, 2022 shopping in the Home category among weekly Pinterest users.

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